Friday, March 18, 2011

Mr. Brown's Project

Links for Mr. Brown's web quest!
1. Dust Bowl Refugees in California.
a. American Memory
b. Okies, Dust Bowl Migrants from Oklahoma & The Plains
c. Calisphere - Dust Bowl Migration

2. Mexican migrant workers in California during the Depression and attempts to remove them.
a. Picture this: Depression Era
b. The Border: 1942 Mexican Immigrant Labor History

3. South/Central American Migrant Farmers
a. Beyond the Border
b. National Geographic: The United States/Mexico Border

4. Chinese-American migrant workers
a. Chinese American Contribution to Transcontinental Railroad
b. Chinese in the Frontier West

5. Migrant fruit-pickers
a. Jamaican Apple Pickers
b. Jamaican Minister Prays, Visits with Apple Pickers
i. The Peru referred to in this story is a town in Upstate New York, not the country.
c. Maine Migrant Health Program
d. Invisible Mainers

6. Post-Civil War Sharecroppers
a. Northern Migration Share Croppers
b. Free Labor
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