Thursday, September 09, 2010

War Presentation for Mr. Brown's English Classes

Assignment Summary (see handout from Mr. Brown for the details!)
You will create a presentation of 8-12 slides comparing current news articles concerning war to the events in All Quiet on the Western Front. For your research you will find 2-3 articles on a particular conflict (Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, etc). You will then locate 3-5 quotations from All Quiet on the Western Front that you can comare to 3-5 quotations from researched news articles.
Approved sources include:
The New York Times
USA Today
LA Times
The Washington Post
The Washington Times
The Wallstreet Journal
The Boston Globe
The International Herald Tribune

To search all of these sources at once (and more) go to the DHS Library subscription database SIRS. This database has hundreds of news sources and will help you create your required MLA Works Cited Page. If you find a news article that you would like to use from a source not already approved by Mr. Brown, please check with him.

For help in creating your Works Cited Page, see the following resources:
Purdue Owl
Citation Machine

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