Monday, March 15, 2010

Digital Literacy Challenge #4

This week's digital literacy challenge has participants learn about an online tool called Voicethread, which is an online, multimedia presentation tool. It allows users to upload images and videos and to comment on them, doodle, etc. Comments can be recorded via a microphone, a web cam, or typed. You can also upload audio. Users can also use the pen tool to draw while commenting. When you create a voicethread, you can make it public to share, allowing others to comment and collaborate on your project. It is an excellent way to present and discuss images. Below is a 1-minute guide to creating a Voicethread:

Here is my voicethread that you'll need to comment on to enter this challenge. You must create your own account, and then click the "comment" link to add a comment to my voicethread. Please be sure to include your name, and give your opinion on how you might or might not use Voicethread (If you're having difficulty viewing the Voicethread below, click here to have it open in a new window):

Please note, I'm following copyright law by only using images that I'm permitted to. See below for attribution links to the authors of the images that appear in my Voicethread.

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