Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digital Literacy Challenge #2

This week, you must use our electronic databases. On the right-hand side of this page, you will see a link for "Databases." Click the link and you'll see several listed. Go into three of the databases and do a search on a topic of your choice. You must use the email feature of each database to email an article to me at You must email an article to me from each of the 3 databases you use. Please note, if there is no name field, you must either type your name into the comment or subject section. Or, if there is no place to type anything, email it to yourself, and then forward the email to me. If your name is not on the email to me somewhere, I will not know from whom it comes.

Please note, at school you can click right into each database. From home, however, you will need a username and password for: Annals of America, History Study Center, and SIRS. The name is Duxbury and the password is the name of our school mascot DXXXXXS. Please note, replace the Xs with the letters to spell out our mascot. We are not allowed to publish the password directly.

For all other databases, from home you need to enter your Duxbury Free Library barcode number from home.

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