Thursday, January 08, 2009

Holocaust Public Awareness

For this project you are to create a short Public Awareness video on a holocaust. Follow the handout provided by Ms. Broadbent for specific criteria for the project. You have the option of using two web-based programs for this project. Voicethread or Animoto both allow you to add images and text and create a visual presentation. They each have different options and Ms. Barrett will show you samples of each.

Click here for an animoto sample.

Click here for a Voicethread sample.

Once you've selected your topic, use the time as a group to research. One student should use web sites, one should use a database and another should use library print resources. Click the links on the right side to access the library catalog and the databases. The database that is recommended for this project is History Study Center. Please see Ms. Barrett for any assistance needed.

Finally, when you've completed your presentation, it will be uploaded to a class website. See here. As classes create more public awareness campaigns, they will be added to this site.

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