Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dr. Sullivan US History II - World War I

Please use the resources listed here as a starting point for your research. The Voicethread that we will eventually add our information to is linked below.

If you need an extra copy of the assignment, click here.

Remember, you need to use an encyclopedia for this assignment. We have BOTH subject and general encyclopedias. A SUBJECT encyclopedia would be just about WWI, and a GENERAL encyclopedia will be about LOTS of different things, but will have some articles on WWI. Use the Catalog link to the right here to search for books, or browse the Reference section. Subject Encyclopedias on WWI will be in the "REF 940.54" area.

Be sure to use both the History Study Center and the Annals of America database. You can access these databases by clicking the "databases" link to the right of the page.

Web Sites
Do not just search "WWI." Use some of your key words you identify and your questions you list to search in google. These will help you find information specific to your image. Also, be sure to go beyond Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia can provide some great information, we want to dig a little deeper!

Citing Sources
The databases will give you exact citation information for you to copy and paste into your working bibliography. However, for the encyclopedia articles and web sites, you can use Citation Machine to help you generate your citations.

To see a larger version of these photos, go directly to Voicethread by clicking here

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