Saturday, May 05, 2007

HSC How To!

Here is a mini image of the databases page:

Right below the Annals of America link, it says:

History Study Center. From home click here.

Be sure to click the "here" link, and you'll be directed to this page:

In the above image, there is a black box outlining where you type in your username and password. Remember, I'm not allowed to provide the username & password online, but think of the name of the town you live in and the name of our school mascot.
Username: DXXXXXX
Password: DXXXXXX

After typing in the username and password, click the button right below that says "My Products Page," and you should be directed here:

There is a black box in the above image around the link to the History Study Center. Click the link and voila! Here you are!:

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