Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Development of the Atomic Model of Matter

For a copy of the hand-out from class click here: AtomicModel.pdf


eLibrary Science

Biology. Richard Robinson, Ed. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2002.

The Discovery of the Electron

Vision Learning: Atomic Theory

Chem Soc Timeline: Dalton Atomic Theory

Chem Soc Timeline: Thomson - Electron

Chem Soc Timeline:Rutherford: Atomic Theory

Chem Soc Timeline: Neils Bohr - Atomic Model

Search the catalog link to the right, or browse the list below for some books at the Duxbury High School Library.

Call #: REF 509.2 GRO
The Grolier Library of Science Biographies

Call #: REF 509.2 GIL
Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Call #: REF 509 SCI
Science and Its Times

Call #: REF 509.2 Bio
Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists

Call #: 500 Wyn
Wynn, Charles M. The Five Biggest Ideas in Science.

Call #: 920 Blow
Blow, Michael. Men of Science and Invention.

Call #: 92 Dal
Greenaway, Frank. John Dalton and the atom.

Call #: 92 Rut
Andrade, E.N. Rutherford and the nature of the atom.

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