Monday, May 21, 2007

History in Film

Electronic Databases
Please use the links below to access electronic databases for this assignment. Please try some different keywords in the History Study Center to see what results you can get! If you're trying to access the History Study Center or the Annals of America from home, you must have the username and password, which is available from Ms. Barrett. Click the Databases link to the right if you'd like a description of each of these sources!

History Study Center (please note, this database has some terrific journals on this topic, including Film & History)
Annals of America
Expanded Academic ASAP

You may use the books provided by Ms. Barrett in the library only. Please note that these books have been borrowed from other libraries; they are not the property of Duxbury High School, therefore it is crucial that we take good care of them.

For additional books on your topic, click the Catalog (School Access) link to the right to search!

History in Film

History in the Movies

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