Monday, January 23, 2006

World Biography

Freshman Social Studies Research Paper
The purpose of this pathfinder is to introduce you to the variety of resources the Duxbury High School Library has to offer. By combining both print and electronic resources, you’ll be able to evaluate resources and select easily the best source for your topic. Please read through the sections below to help begin your research!
The History Study Center (access from home, click here. Remember, the hand-out Ms. Barrett gave you has the user name and password on it)
Biography Resource Center
Expanded Academic ASAP

Remember, Biographies are all in the 92 section along the back wall of the lower library. Also search the catalog (use link on right) to search for additional books on your person.
Look in the 920 section in the Reference area for some biographical encyclopedias and dictionaries such as:
920 Biographical Dictionary

Google Tools
Use Google Books to search through thousands of books, many full text.

Use Google Scholar to search through books, articles, etc.

Remember, these websites below are general biographical sites. These are a great starting point, but once you've picked the person you're researching, you may want to search for sites on your own. Take a look at the advanced searching tips for ways on how to find great sites in Google.

Infoplease Almanac: Biographies

Libraryspot: Biographies

Internet Public Library: Biographies

Citation Assistance
The Landmark Citation Machine is a GREAT source! It generates citations for you (all you have to do is type in the information!). For more tips on citing sources, go to these sites:

Duke University Libraries: Citing Sources

Internet Public Library for Teens: Citing Sources

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