Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Renaissance

Please use the links below to access electronic databases for this assignment. In the Biography Resource Center, just search by the name of your person. However, please try some different keywords in the History Study Center to see what results you can get!
Biography Resource Center
History Study Center
Info Bits
InfoTrac: Junior Edition

Link to our catalog to search for books. Also, be sure to check out the books that Ms. Barrett has collected for this project. Remember to check both the Table of Contents and the Index for information you can use. These books are available during class time, and remember the library is also open for a half hour both before and after school.

The Renaissance Connection
The Artchive – Renaissance Art
Investigating the Renaissance
Renaissance Art Links
Ibiblio Web Museum Artist Index
Global Gallery
The Renaissance

Bibliography Help

Go to the Citation Machine for assistance in creating your citations and bibliography. Remember, you are required to use APA style for this assigmnent.

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