Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Researched Argument

Please use the links below to access electronic databases for this assignment.
SIRS Researcher: Use this database to find an issue to write about, as well as the pro/con of each issue. Contains essays, articles and research guides on topics of social significance. To enter this database from home, you must enter the username and password, which was provided to you on the handout from class.

Newsbank: Use this database to find articles from The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and other local papers.

eLibrary: Use this database to search news, magazines, books, pictures, etc. This database includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other newspapers. From the main page, click "browse publications" to see what titles are included.

Please note, to search NYT from home, you must click here. To search the WSJ from home, you must click hereYou must enter your public library card number to access these from home.

The handout provided in class provides information on evaluating web sites, but you may also click here for that information. Google also has some great advanced searching tips and strategies. You'll find much better results if you follow their tips by clicking here.

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